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PTI will introduce market economy:Asad Omar

Lahore:PTI leader Asad Omar has said that the party will liberate Pakistan’s economy and work towards perfect competition. He was addressing a dialogue between PTI leadership and eminent professionals arranged by the Insaf Professionals forum in Lahore.  Asad Omar emphasized the importance of tax reforms to ensure sustainable economic progress. He said that the previous regimes failed to address this core economic issue because they did not have the political will to do the same. The country is in dire need of strong institutions and across the board accountability to ensure long term investments in a fairly competitive economic atmosphere.

The panelists included Advisor to Kohinoor Group Arif Ejaz, Former MD PTV Munaza Hashmi, Former Bureaucrat Fariduddin, PTI Leaders Dr Yasmeen Rashid and Asad Omar. PTI leader Andleeb Abbas moderated the dialogue which deliberated on urgent need of concrete structural reforms to address the economic woes of the country. Dr Yasmeen Rashid stated that PTI stood committed to institutional development and party elections a daring step in that direction because PTI itself should be a strong institution. She also said that the decision exemplified out of the box thinking and visionary leadership of the party as no other political entity has or will dare to the same. Andleeb Abbas stated that leadership inspires people and takes difficult decisions which may be unpopular at the time but are beneficial for the country and its people. Munaza Hashmi stated that PTI’s Lahore Jalsa was an open declaration of people’s desires. Arif Ejaz urged the professionals of the country to contribute to positive change by supporting Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

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