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One can left Pakistan or corruption:Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehrik e Insaaf chairman Imran khan has said that people have to choice Pakistan or corruption as both could not be run together, he was talking to press conference in Islamabad ,party leader Asad Omar and Jahangir Tareen were also present.
Imran khan said until and unless corruption was eliminated in the country, Pakistan would not be in save position. If people wanted Pakistan and prosperity they must have to give their vote to PTI. Currency devaluation benefited the rulers but ruined the economy, price-hike jumped to many folds.
He termed the annual budget meaningless exercise on the basis.Starting the year with a budget that set a target of 4.7% of GDP as the fiscal deficit, by its own admission will end the year with a budget deficit of almost 7% (including circular debt) and which in reality will probably end up close to 8%. This massive deficit is not only devouring almost all available bank debt but is also resulting in heavy monetization of the deficit through recourse to huge borrowing from the state bank of Pakistan.
Imran Khan said that these actions would directly lead to the misery of the citizens and businesses of the country.

The heavy fiscal deficits and their monetization on the one hand are stoking inflation making life difficult for the citizens of the country, particularly the poor and vulnerable. On the other hand by crowding out the private sector borrowing and with the increasing energy crises starving industry and business of gas and electricity, investment has collapsed to its lowest level in the last fifty years of the country.

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