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FATA residents need to improve gesture:Governor Khaiber pakhtunkhwa

ISLAMABAD: Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Barrister Syed Masood Kausar has said that there is a great bias against women in not just the Tribal society but also in the western world, he was addressing at a Grand Jirga held at the Jinnah Convention Centre. The event was attended by almost 800 Jirga decision makers, Maliks, religious leaders and Elders from the Tribal region.
The Governor Syed Masood Kausar said at least in principle, there was nothing wrong with the concept of Jirga that relies on collective wisdom but any system can be perverted. The Governor opined that the Tribal people are some of the most peaceful people of the world and are victims of aggression against their people and lands. He urged the Maliks and Elders of the area to work towards the establishment of peace in FATA. He said that there was a great need for establishing and propagating the peaceful image of FATA residents.
The speakers condemned customs of Swara (which is the exchange of a woman from an offender’s family as compensation to settle a dispute, generally murder); ‘Jagh’ (claim of a man on a young girl for marriage with or without her consent), and ‘Valvar’ (‘bride price’ or payment of a sum of money to the bridegroom’s family considered equal to that of a ‘bride’) and demanded ban on all the three practices.

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