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PTI Opposes division of Sindh upon ethnic lines?

Imran Khan

Lahore: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan has categorically opposed division of Sindh province on ethnic basis. He said that the ongoing debate of division of Sindh is not reflective of public sentiments. People from different ethnic backgrounds have lived together in Sindh for centuries.

PTI Chairman observed that this was a concerted effort to promote hatred among people at the grassroots in order to secure vote banks. PPP government and its allies are actively involved in this conspiracy which will intensify when electioneering is in full swing. Criticizing the PML-N, Imran Khan said that the party was to be blamed for initiating this conspiracy as Shahbaz Sharif had demanded creation of Karachi province a few months ago.

Imran Khan warned the government and its allies that they were treading a dangerous path which can lead to unprecedented violence and destruction in the province. Loss of 14 innocent lives because of the issue is clear evidence that these parties are playing politics on dead bodies to ensure their political clout remains intact. Imran Khan expressed PTI’s resolve to oppose this conspiracy with all its political might and stand against political groups playing with the lives of the people of Sindh for their political goals.

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