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Preventive measures are only solution for elimination of dengue

Lahore:Principal Postgraduate Medical Institute Prof. Dr. Tariq Salahuddin has said that preventive measures are only solution for elimination of dengue. He said that creating awareness about dengue among the people by the government, media, social organizations and civil society members will help early elimination of dengue.

He was addressing a symposium held on the topic of dengue affects during pregnancy at Lahore General Hospital, here today. Prof. A.Waseem Yousaf, Prof. Javed Akram, Prof. Rakhshanda Tayyab, Prof. Muhammad Aslam, Prof. Muhammad Yaqoob Qazi, Prof. Nusrat Jahan, Prof. Humayun Iqbal, Prof. Shaheena Asif and Prof. Khalid Bashir addressed the symposium while gynecologists of government hospitals of Lahore attended it. Prof. Dr. Tariq Salahuddin said that last year dengue attack was unexpected but in the light of the experiences of the last year, best planning and effective preventive measures will help in overcoming dengue during current year. He said that Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif had made strenuous efforts for overcoming dengue with the assistance of Sri Lankan and Thailand experts and all government departments during the last year. It is the need of the hour that the steps of Chief Minister Punjab should be implemented effectively this year for controlling dengue, he added. Prof. Muhammad Aslam said that dengue patients should avoid unnecessary use of medicines and use only those medicines prescribed by the doctor.

Addressing the symposium, other medical experts were of the view that in case of dengue attack, there is no chance of harm to the child during pregnancy. However, the pregnant woman should get conducted their tests regularly and the pregnant case be carried out in government hospitals instead of midwives of streets. They said that dengue breeds in the water stored in the houses, therefore, role of housewives for checking the breeding of dengue mosquito and they should keep their houses neat and clean.

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