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Government has failed to fight Pakistan’s case at the Chicago Summit: Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

Lahore:Vice Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has strongly condemned forged FIRs on PTI and ISF members. He said Punjab has been turned into a police state where political activities by opposition parties are considered crimes. Speaking on the War on Terror he said that the government has failed to present its case to the international community despite the strategic importance of Pakistan in NATO exit from Afghanistan. He said that it was most unfortunate that fingers are pointed at Pakistan after the country has sacrificed the most in the ongoing War on Terror and humiliation faced at the Chicago Summit is evidence of the same. Threats to Pakistan from the incompetent rulers of the country are significantly more serious than external challenges, he added.  

On Prime Minister’s conviction, he said that Gilani has the right to appeal in the contempt case and PTI will decide its future course against the government after the verdict on the appeal. He was addressing a press conference at PTI’s Central Media Cell in Lahore along with PTI Central Information Secretary Shafqat Mahmood, PTI Women Wing Punjab President Saloni Bukhari, ISF Lahore President Muhammad Usman, Andleeb Abbas and other leaders of the party. He said that PTI’s membership campaign will continue till the 30th of June and ISF has set up camps for the purpose in Lahore. Divulging details of state backed violence against the party he said that criminal elements of the MSF attacked ISF workers and when party members protested against the incident, Punjab Police lodged fake FIRS under 16 MPA against numerous PTI and ISF leaders. Qureshi demanded that CM Shahbaz Sharif should take immediate action against the criminal elements involved and cancel fake FIRS lodged against PTI and ISF leaders otherwise the party will not be able to control the emotions of its workers and Punjab Government will be responsible for the situation.

On the incumbent regime Qureshi said that the PPP government is governing without any political legitimacy and moral authority. President has no support of the people and the head of the government has been convicted, he said. One cannot expect the international community to take Pakistan’s perspective seriously under the present circumstances, he added. Lastly he said that PTI’s Jalsa on 27th May will be a historic one.



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