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Shafqat Mahmood Condemns Forged FIRs against PTI and ISF Workers

Lahore:PTI Central Information Secretary Shafqat Mahmood has strongly condemned Punjab Government’s action of lodging FIR against 40 members of PTI including Central Leaders Omar Sarfaraz Cheema, Asif Bashir and Rukhsana Naveed in Factory Area Police Station. He said that the PTI was staging a peaceful protest rally against violent torture of ISF students by the criminal elements of PML-N and MSF.

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He said that the Punjab Government, PML-N and MSF have resorted to blatant violence against Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf workers. He warned the Punjab administration of wide spread protests in Lahore if the forged FIRS against PTI and ISF members were not cancelled. He said that the PML-N has been baffled by PTI’s unprecedented 5 day membership campaign in Lahore and is using coercive means to suppress political activities of the party in Punjab. He said PML-N’s failure to control criminal elements within its ranks has exposed the state of governance in the province. Providing details, he said that ISF and PTI workers staged a peaceful protest on Sunday against violence on ISF workers by criminal elements of PML-N. Rather than taking action against those involved in violence, Punjab police lodged FIRs against dozens of ISF and PTI workers under 16 MPO, he added.

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