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Gilani’s security and Punjab police personnel scuffled

LAHORE: A member of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s security and Punjab police personnel scuffled over a pity matter at the Expo Centre.The Police detained him at a police station for over an hour.
The spat attracted media attention when Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani left the Expo Centre, the venue of Virtual University`s convocation.
A member of the prime minister`s security staff reportedly stopped SHO and SP, one after the other, from going near the stage where the prime minister was sitting.
The SP said according to the blue book, he was security incharge at the venue and a junior cadre official had tried to direct him and the SHO how they should behave at an event being attended by the prime minister and other VVIPs. The dispute began when the prime minister`s security official, Talat, did not allow SHO Mustaneer Ahmad Khan , on duty at the venue, to go near the stage.

The SHO returned and complained to his boss, Sadar SP Athar Waheed. Later, the SP himself tried to go there, but he too was stopped by the security official.

Initially, they kept quiet and soon after the convocation ceremony concluded and the prime minister left the venue, the police officials asked the security official why he had stopped them.
Talat allegedly used abusive language that provoked police to teach him a lesson.
Some policemen tried to get hold of the security official, but he was rescued by his colleagues. After a volley of exchange of hot words from both sides, the SP finally ordered his force to arrest Talat.
Later, the SP asked the security official to say sorry and he would let him go. But the official said: `I will not apologise because I didn`t do anything wrong`.
The SP ordered his staff to take the official`s jeep to the police station.
Talking to reporters, SP Waheed said a constable rank official had stopped him and the SHO from going to the stage. He said he had deputed eight SHOs and 500 policemen for security at the venue.

`If a constable guides an SHO and SP, how the system will work,` he asked.
`Security of the prime minister and other VIPs at the venue was my responsibility.

According to a notification issued late night, the Punjab police transferred SP Waheed, saying his removal had already been decided, well before Saturday`s episode.
Meanwhile, Punjab Governor Latif Khan Khosa took notice of the incident and directed the chief secretary, home secretary and IG to submit a report within 24 hours.
`Interference in the duty of prime minister`s security officials is an open revolt,` the governor said. `The officials responsible for an uncalled for altercation should be identified and fixed.

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