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Lahore Police Claimed to bust 288 criminal gangs in 4Months

Lahore: Police have claimed to exterminated 288 criminal gangs involved in heinous crimes, and arrested 878 harden criminals, whereas 1638 cases have been traced against them and recovered stolen property worth rupees moreover 15 crore and 27 lakh during the first four months of current year 2012. More than 14 thousand proclaimed offenders and court absconders have also been arrested.

According to the facts and figures, Lahore Police have busted 288 criminal gangs involved in heinous crimes, and apprehended 878 harden criminals during the previous four months, whereas 1638 cases were traced including; nine cases of murder, two of dacoity cum murder, two cases of kidnapping for ransom, 49 cases of dacoity, 804 cases of robbery, 615 cases of theft and burglary and 157 miscellaneous cases. The police recovered stolen property worth rupees more than 15 crore and 27 lakh from the possession of criminals including; more than rupees 89 lakh in cash, 81 cars, 364 motorcycles, 778 mobile phones, 71 tolas gold ornaments, prize bonds worth rupees 45 thousand, three wagons, two pick-ups, seven carry dibba, six rickshaw, two dala and other valuables. Police have also arrested 8034 proclaimed offenders in this period who were wanted in 325 cases of murder, 135 cases of attempt of murder, 223 cases of dacoity, 577 cases of theft, 573 cases of robbery and 6201 other cases. Thus 6477 court absconders were also arrested in this period. Lahore Police have registered 1713 cases and arrested 1713 culprits during the campaign against illegal weapon and recovered 16 Kalashnikovs, one stangun, 54 rifles, 101 guns, 1441 pistols, 51 revolvers, four carbines, one mouzer, 22 daggers, 142 magazines and more than 10 thousand bullets. During the action against drug sellers 3379 culprits were arrested and recovered more than 80 kg heroine, more than 343 kg chars, more than 15 kg opium, 121 intoxicating pills, 245 injections and 18535 bottles of liquor from the possession of the criminals. Moreover 2318 gamblers were arrested and recovered the betting amount of rupees more than 31 lakh from their possession.

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