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Unification Block Leader Resigns from his party Position

LAHORE: Punjab Muslim League Like Minded president Ata Maneka, irked over being ignored by his compatriots in negotiating an electoral alliance with the ML-N, announced relinquishing his post here on Saturday. Ata Manika was elected MPA on the Ticket of Pakistan Muslim League -Quaid e Azam.He was the first member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab who made group in his party for the support of Muslim League -N.He and his group showed full support all the time when Muslim League -Ncaught in trouble in the Assembly.But he was badly ignored when Muslim League-N succceeded to to make strong hold on the unification block.Than he announced to quit active politics.He became extremely annoyed when his party leader neglected him while negotiating with Musim League -N. Ata Maneka giving his reaction to the media said that Punjab Muslim League -Like-Minded on its own has been holding meetings, neither was he invited in any meeting nor consulted on any issue, which has prompted him taking a decision to give up the Punjab president slot of the party.Maneka said that apart from him they do not have any one except Mian Asif, who too was of no significance.

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