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No case of corruption against me: Gilani

LONDON: Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Friday said there is no case of corruption against him and he is performing his role to protect the constitution.

Addressing a press conference at the inauguration ceremony of Consular Hall of Pakistan High Commission here, he said, “If all institutions work within the constitution then there will be no conflict and he has been working within the parameters of the constitution.”

He said Sharif brothers are making interpretations of the constitution on their own and “I will not accept their interpretation”.

“We do not believe in two interpretations, one of the courts and the other of the Sharif Courts,” he added.

The Prime Minister said nobody in the world is giving acceptability to the views of the opposition.

He said he held useful meetings with the British Prime Minister, Ministers, business leaders and members of the Pakistani community.

“I came to Britain on the invitation of British Prime Minister David Cameron.”

To a question about Pakistan-US relations, he said the two countries are holding discussions on ways to take forward their relationship.

He said Pakistan wants to have relations with all countries on the basis of mutual respect and mutual benefit.

The Prime Minister said the Parliamentary Committee on National Security presented their unanimous recommendations to the Parliament, which led to a resolution.

“Now the talks between Pakistan and US are continuing for reopening of Nato supply routes and final decision will be taken in line with the decision of the parliamentary committee.”

Decision on Nato supply will be taken in the interest of the nation, he assured.

He said Pakistan has unique ties with Britain and appreciated the statement of the British Prime Minister that enemies of Pakistan are enemies of his country.

To a question about Zawahiri’s presence in Pakistan, Gilani said Pakistan has excellent cooperation with US in terms of intelligence sharing.

“If they have actionable and credible information, they must share it with us. ISI and CIA can act together,” he added.

He said Pakistani courts are independent and if there is any concrete evidence against Hafiz Saeed, then it should be presented in the courts.

Responding to the statement of Nato Secretary General that Pakistan has not been invited to Chicago summit, he said he has asked Foreign Minister Khar and his government has not yet received any such formal decision from Nato.

He said in the past, dictators staged coups by raising hue and cry on the issue of corruption.

“The continuity of democracy will end corruption in Pakistan.”

He said if two democratic governments completed their tenure, then future of democracy is secure in Pakistan.

The future of some opposition leaders is black but future of Pakistan is bright, he added.

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