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Loadshedding makes people mad

LAHORE: Power crisis took a bad shape across the country on Thursday as the shortfall reached 8,200 MW, prompting enraged citizens to take to the streets to vent their anger in violent fashion.

Loadshedding up to 14 hours is being undertaken in major cities as a result of the power shortfall reaching, according to the Ministry of Water and Power, to 8200 MW. The situation in small cities and villages is even worse where the duration of electricity outages has jumped as high as 22 hours.

The Independent Power Producers (IPPs) have expressed their inability to continue supplying power due to not getting furnace oil and gas, the Water and Power Ministry said.

The worst loadshedding has completely paralyzed everyday business and other activities of life while due to electricity crisis many areas are also witnessing water supply problem that has further added to the miseries of the citizens.

The enraged residents of the worst-affected areas came out on streets to lodge their protest which took an ugly turn when demonstrators caused heavy damage to public and private property running in hundreds of thousands

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